Money Monday: Homeownership budgeting

Becoming a homeowner of course brings with it paying for various fees and services, but there are smaller fees that you may not be thinking about when penciling out how much you can spend on buying a home. Add into your budget fees for the following buyer fees: Home inspection Appraisal fee Survey report Title […]

Money Monday: How to not overpay for a house

“No buyer wants to pay too much for a house…buyers should know when a property is overpriced and be equipped with strategies to avoid overpaying.” (CNN. “How to avoid overpaying for a home.” CNN has practical tips here: “How to avoid overpaying for a home.”

Money Monday: More homebuyers are DIYing than hiring professionals

“Although the majority of homeowners prefer the trusty hands of a professional, data suggests that “do it yourself” remodeling projects are on the rise. “In fact, the National Association of Realtors 2019 Remodeling Impact Report indicates that 53% of home projects were completed by a professional, whereas 47% were completed by a homeowner.” (Housing Wire. 3 January […]

Money Monday: Paying for surprise repairs

Nearly half of homeowners have had to make (and pay for) an unexpected repair within the first year of owning their home. Do you have money set aside for a repair? 12% had to use savings to pay for the majority of the home repair and/or improvement 13% had to go into debt for the […]

Money Monday: California November Sales

Here’s a recap of what’s been going on in the California real estate market. Real estate sales and prices decreased in the month of November. 

Money Monday: Don’t get sidelined when buying a house

Here’s some of the biggest misconceptions that home buyers have — and some financial misconceptions.

Money Monday: Financial documents every family should have

Financial documents are important when you’re on your own, but even more so when you have a family. Here are four different documents you should probably have: 1. Beneficiary designations 2. A will 3. A Heath Care Proxy  4. An Advance Medical Directive (living will) Read the rest of Forbes’ article on this here: “4 Basic Financial […]

Money Monday: Make smart purchase offers

When you write a purchase offer, the back-and-forth between you and the seller begins (typically with real estate agents advising both of you) — and when you are intentional about your number and why, the more successful you’re offer will be. Following some guidelines from HouseLogic when choosing your purchase offer amount will help: Know […]