Money Monday: How to Make Those Financial New Year’s Resolutions a Reality

“Did you make New Year’s resolutions this year? Unfortunately, there’s a pretty good chance that any resolution we make won’t be kept. This can be particularly true of financial goals, which can often feel confusing and overwhelming. Here are some steps to help make those financial resolutions into a reality.” “1) Set SMART goals. When we […]

Money Monday: 5 money mistakes to avoid in the new year

New Year’s resolutions can take a lot of effort to put into action. It can be easier, though. Just stop doing CNN’s suggested five financial things and you’ll have more savings, smarter spending habits and a secure identity in the next year. 1. Stop saving your leftovers 2. Stop using painless payments See more here. […]

Money Monday: New Year, New Financial Resolutions

It’s the start of 2018, and a great time to make financial resolutions! Need to save more? Check out my posts on saving (here), with topics on easy ways to save, changing your spending impulses, and saving for a house down payment, just to name a few. If you’re delving into the life stage of […]

Money Monday: Tips on changing your financial impulses

Behavior hacks to avoid your worst money impulses, by CNN. “Here are the biggest money challenges facing us right now…and how to get yourself to do the things you already know you should do.” “From Dan Ariely, a behavioral economist at Duke University and the author of the new book, written with Jeff Kreisler, “Dollars and […]

Money Monday: Holiday Spending

Holiday Spending: 5 Ways To Reduce Financial Stress Discuss what the holidays mean to you and your family. Talk about your values and consider alternatives to unbridled spending. When you are dealing with extended families, set reasonable, manageable, and realistic boundaries. Instead of making the holidays a time where breaking the bank becomes the norm, […]

Money Monday: How to stop overspending

“Here’s what financial experts recommended to help get out of the revolving door of overspending: “Face the spending music “It’s not easy, but step one is to take a hard (and honest) look at all your spending. “That means identifying everything you spent money on in the last few months: housing, food, gas, entertainment, clothes, drinks…everything.” “Find […]

Money Monday: Saving enough for a house down payment

“Saving up a down payment to buy your first house can seem a pretty daunting task. However, getting a down payment together is not as difficult as you may think — if you go about it the right way.” There are a few steps you need to consider, from CNN: How much house can you afford? […]

Money Monday: Americans and Money

When it comes to money, Americans not only want more; they want to manage it better. A new NerdWallet survey conducted by Harris Poll reveals that most folks aren’t happy with the state of their finances and they’re taking steps to change the situation. To see how Americans are dealing with this financial balancing act, […]