Money Monday: Financing first for most home buyers

The smoother home-buying experience means getting financing figured out first. This infographic is from

Money Monday: Tips to avoid college debt

“What steps can parents take to help themselves and their children avoid getting caught in the college debt trap? Create a budget to track all money coming in and going out of your household. Make savings a prominent and permanent part of it. Begin saving for college costs as early as possible through tax-advantaged savings […]

Money Monday: How do you know you’re really ready to retire early?

It’s tempting to set a figure for retirement in your head, and then retire once you’ve reached that monetary goal. Retire by Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Alpha Stock Images “Some people go to great lengths to set up their spending, saving and investment goals so they can retire early.” “While the main goal is […]

Money Monday: Federal law now allows you to freeze your credit

Consumers can now freeze their credit for free under a new federal law. “A credit freeze restricts access to your credit file, essentially halting anyone from opening any new credit in your name. The rules used to vary by state, but previously it could cost up to $10 to put a freeze in place. That […]

Money Monday: Mortgage hurdles

Many first-time buyers don’t realize that there’s many steps to getting a mortgage. Get pre-approved Have the home appraisal Keep your credit consistent Review the closing disclosure Go through underwriting This infographic is from

Money Monday: Saving for retirement

“Far too many people make bad choices when it comes to retirement. It’s the equivalent of choosing candy bars over the solid meal… “How can we make better decisions for retirement planning? One principle is the knowledge that increasing saving over time will build a bigger nest egg. Here are three key moves that can […]

Money Monday: Preparing for a recession

4 things you can do to be recession-ready Thankfully, there are things that all of us can do to prepare for our country’s next recession, regardless of when it hits. Here are a few moves that’ll help you get ready. 1. Build an emergency fund 2. Diversify your investments 3. Get a side job 4. […]

Money Monday: Rejected home purchase offers

If you’ve been rejected after making a purchase offer on a home, you may have made the wrong financial offer. There’s a few common reasons why a seller could have rejected your offer; here’s some monetary reasons: You offered too much.  You requested too much additional money toward closing.  Your financial picture raises questions.  This […]