A Memorial Day & Real Estate

2012 Memorial Day was one to put in the record books for the rest of your life, wasn’t it? While the proper and fitting focus was on our United States Military, who have in most cases spilled their BLOOD for ALL Americans, we also remember our immediate family as well as those who have passed on. If ever aligned with the military or not, EVERY AMERICAN has been touched by Memorial Day, 2012–and ALL Americans have a connection to someone in the military, whether still alive, not survived, or wounded. Of those three latter-mentioned scenarios, my heart goes out to the wounded who are still alive which are the most important example for all living Americans, they continue to push ahead no matter what the road brings. As Americans, this men and woman are our pinnacle example for ALL; but in most cases ALL our problems are so insignificant in comparison!Memorial Day 2012

Which brings us to the current real estate market and the effect on it that the government has on the economy, from being able to buy a property for a 1st time buyer or a family purchase, to a family trying to keep their home while being innocent bystanders so to speak, meaning these families become victims of ultimately the government and banks. The government and the banks work hand-in-hand, have the ability to save a majority of people’s homes, while keeping them in their homes, and until there is justice for the hardworking families, who do whatever is necessary in the eyes of common sense and good, but to consistently get put back in a position of rejection makes seeing the American Dream Ideal appear as faint as a lightower on a coast subjected to immense fog.

My job includes finding homes for people who are so excited to buy a home that it is such an exhilarating experience on the surface.  However in today’s market, the average buyer knows little about how difficult it is to buy, from getting a loan secured and closed to just securing a property. Competition from “all cash” buyers who are holding and renting to flipping the home for a profit that needs renovation, presents an owner-occupant buyer the immensely daunting task of securing a home. Because buyers who need loans are second class due to sellers getting a higher net and avoiding buyer loan problems in closing, these non-investment buyers have a difficult time ahead of them. The average 1st time buyer has no chance unless they literally hit the lotto or find a great experienced full-time agent to represent them in tandem with the same experienced lender to weave their way through the maze of securing a home. I am that real estate agent and work with a strong lender who can in most cases get a better rate, loan program, and a higher qualifying loan amount than most other lenders.

Then the other side of the spectrum is for owners trying to keep their home who need the right advice dealing with their bank or servicer. Or they may not really know the positive results for getting out of debt in selling an upside-down home and avoiding bankruptcy in the process. Don’t you owe it to yourself to know ALL the details? Call me now before the laws that could immensely benefit you expire.

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