An Online Resource for Veterans: Assisted Living, Support, and More Resources

Veterans injured in the line of duty may come back to find that it’s difficult to live in the home they left.

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While many homes can thankfully be remodeled to accommodate their needs, some veterans may need assisted living facilities or support services. One of the common challenges that comes up for veterans and those living with disabilities is finding proper care options.  

Thankfully, there are assisted living options that can help veterans who have disabilities, as well as elderly veterans who need help as they grow older. There are two basic ways for eligible veterans to receive assistance: obtain an assisted living benefit from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) or apply for residency in a veteran’s home. (Assisted Living Research.

Assisted Living Research Institute has created a dedicated section on their site that provides comprehensive information on topics like: available care options, financial support, and free resources that are available from each state.

You can see the entire guide here:

In San Diego County, the Veterans Home of California, Chula Vista is a long-term care facility providing options for independent living and nursing care, and more. Additional information can be found here:

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