Common Title Obstacles

The following items require added clearance and processing time for escrow and title. Avoid delays by providing as much information as you can as soon as possible.

  • Bankruptcies
  • Probates
  • Foreclosures
  • Establishing Fact of Death – Joint Tenancy
  • Use of, Proper Execution of Power of Attorney
  • Family Trust
  • Business Trust
  • Recent Construction
  • Physical Inspection Findings – Encroachments, Off-Record Easements
  • Clearing Liens, Judgments
  • Clearing Child/Spousal Support Liens
  • Proper Execution of Documents
  • Proper Jurats, Notary Seals
  • Transfers/Loans Involving Corporations/Partnerships
  • Last Minute Changes in Buyers
  • Last Minute Changes in Coverage

Usually judgments against a common last name can create huge title problems when not supplied a State of Information. If this is not received until the last minute, it creates a problem in resolving any possible liens that might need to be addressed prior to closing. So we would like to see all State of Information come in the early part of escrow.

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