Creating Extra Storage Space

Here’s some tips on finding that extra storage space in your home–which we all need, especially with those holiday decorations coming down and needing to be stowed away!

Creating Extra Storage Space

One common complaint that is often expressed by homeowners is that their home does not have enough storage space. As a lack of space has more to do with how space is utilized, this problem is extremely easy to fix.

    • Extend upper cabinets all the way to the ceiling. Many kitchens waste valuable space when they stop 6 inches below the ceiling.
    • Make your closets more accessible. Low closet doors complicate access to the top shelf of a closet. Oversize doors – even ceiling high models – make it easier to store bulky items on high shelves.
    • Go to the garage. Even in garages where parking is a tight fit there is room in the space above a car’s hood for wall mounted cabinets to store little used items – closed cabinets are recommended.
    • Annex the back of a closet to create built in storage for an adjacent room. A shallow cabinet wedged between the wall studs can serve as an extra kitchen cupboard or a family room bookcase.

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