Home Décor Trends for 2014

Homeowners will be ready to toss out the old in favor of the new as fresh trends and style designs are embraced in the new year. With 2013 in the rearview mirror, now is the time to start preparing your home for the best design trends of 2014. Don’t get left behind in the style stakes, so consider some of the tips below:
Go bold: Eye-catching styles and colors are the perfect way to update your home. Turn away from subtle home accents in favor of more creative and courageous color choices and accent pieces. Bright colors are most certainly “in,” and cobalt blue in particular is becoming a color of choice amongst designers. Try adding pops of saturated color to your home.

Stand Alone Tub: As a compelling structural element, the free standing tub provides an immediate update to a bathroom by doing away with the old tiled-in tub deck. A free standing tub also saves space and is easy to clean.

Retro: Appliances designed to look like retro pieces add a special dose of flare to rooms like your kitchen. Colorful appliances also make a bold statement.

Eco-friendly Cabinets: Expect a rise in requests for cabinets with no added formaldehyde and non-toxic glues, binders, and finishes. Earth-friendly products will continue to be important to consumers.

Glass: Glass is very functional and designers are seeing it increasingly used for a variety of uses, such as kitchen back splashes, counter-tops, fire places and room decor of all sorts.

period style furnitureBig, Bold Art: Making a piece of art the focal point of the room is a special way to develop an attention-drawing part of your home. In 2014, the bigger the art, the better, as bold pieces will be appealing, as well as art made of unusual pieces.

Period Pieces: Finding old, period pieces to mix in with newer furniture can really give a room a distinctive look. Antique furniture can be utilized to achieve this effect. Rustic looking items are also a plus. Expect vintage and one-of-a-kind pieces to be highly sought after.

Masculine Influences: Deep color tones and easily-embraceable style that reflects a strong, robust vibe will reveal the influence of masculine touches on home decorating.

Texture: The way items feel also plays a big part in a home’s décor, and in 2014, the trends will likely reflect warm woods, soft fabrics, textured tiles and smooth sleek surfaces.

Ergonomics: Simple organic forms and pure lines are on trend for furniture styles in the new year, with comfort and functionality being key focuses. Timeless design goes a long way in ensuring that a piece never goes out of style.

Creative Clashes: Bravery in style will play a part in 2014 trends, as a willingness to get creative with expressive clashes that are still appealing will be a fun way for homeowners to provoke the senses. Juxtaposing different metals, woods, and fabrics is for the adventurous decorator who is willing to get a little innovative.

Glamour: One way to give a room a trendy level of drama, intrigue, and glamour is dark, moody walls. These dark walls can be offset by metallic accents throughout the room.

So take a leap of faith and update your home décor to reflect the trends of 2014.

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