Homeowners Taking on Home Improvement Projects

1 out of 5 new homeowners did a remodeling project last year

Making your new house your own home is one of the perks of becoming a homeowner. And during the past year, 20% of new homeowners did just that: took on home improvement projects for their new homes.

During the past year, new homeowners spent a hefty $18 billion on home improvement projects (CAR.org). The projects ranged from small (painting a room), to large (room additions), but each of these owners took steps to add a little bit of themselves into their new home.

Those who remodeled focused on:

  • remodeling their kitchen (70% of new owners remodeling)
  • adding new landscaping (68%)
  • tackling an addition (49%)
  • remodeling a bathroom (43%)
  • replacing windows (29%)

Owners who are considering doing a home improvement to make selling their home easier should take a look at CAR’s list of the top 10 most cost-effective remodeling projects.

NoProjectLeftUndone“No project left undone” infographic from CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS (CAR) at car.org.

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