Money Monday: What not to buy at warehouse clubs

It’s often cheaper to buy from bulk stores, but not always!

It may seem cost-effective to buy everything you can from a warehouse club like Costco or Sam’s Club. But according to, there are still a few things to avoid buying from such places.

warehouse club

One thing, not surprisingly, is perishables. While meats and other freeze-able items are definitely a good buy, the things you can’t freeze should probably be avoided. These include that big case of lettuce, the multi-case of ketchup, or even the super-sized packs of sunscreen.

Another not-so-good buy includes the media and book section, whose prices are marked up compared to places like

Read more from MSN’s “don’t buy” list here.

But there’s plenty of good buys from these warehouse clubs; stock up on freezeable perishables, medications and drugs, liquor and more — read some of the experts’ tips on what to buy in MSN’s article as well: “5 things NOT to buy at Costco and Sam’s Club”.

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