Money Monday: Catch up on your retirement savings

While it is certainly ideal to start saving for retirement early on, you can still save a substantial amount even if you start later in life. Many Americans do not have any retirement savings — a full one-third, according to — but that doesn’t mean that they (or you) can’t catch up. Here are […]

Money Monday: Americans are saving more than spending

Americans are saving faster than they are spending. “It’s a key shift in spending habits that started during the Great Recession. And the trend continues as we head into the holiday shopping season this weekend. “The savings rate in the United States rose to 5.6% in October — its highest mark in nearly three years. […]

How to Save for a House

Many people plan to buy a home in the future, but with lending requirements being stricter, bigger down payments being required, and the current real estate prices being where they are, purposeful saving is in order for most potential home buyers. There are many helpful resources and tips on saving available, but here are just […]

10 Tips for Saving Water in Your Home

You’ll likely be surprised to learn how much water the average family of four uses every single day in their home: 255 gallons! The estimates are: 15 gallons for dishwashing; 12 for cooking and drinking; 5 for basic hand washing; 35 for laundry; 80 for bathing; 8 at the bathroom sink for tooth brushing, face-washing, […]

Guest Post: Managing your finances before homeownership to save your home from a foreclosure

Managing your finances before homeownership to save your home from a foreclosure Are you planning to purchase a new home? If yes, you have to buck up your finances so that you don’t fall in trouble in the near future and then risk losing your home to a forced foreclosure. Managing your finances is the […]

Money Monday: File your tax return

If your return is fairly simple and you’re up for the challenge, preparing your taxes solo could save you a bit of money. In fact, an estimated 33% of Americans file their own taxes each year, so if you’re ready to join their ranks, here are a few tips for getting through the process. 1. […]

San Diego County Events for March 16 – 18

San Diego County has much going on this weekend, March 16 – 18! South Park Spring Walkabout The South Park Walkabout is a quarterly fun-filled evening festival that showcases all the unique and independent businesses within South Park, San Diego. Enjoy complimentary treats, live entertainment and special offers. Where is the walkabout? The Walkabout highlights both the […]

Money Monday: Financial Milestones

How do your financial milestones compare with the average consumer’s? The CALIFORNIA ASSOCATION OF REALTORS averaged consumers’ answers to when they: Started saving for retirement Attained a good credit score over 700 Saved $10,000 Paid off student loans Purchased first home This infographic is from