Event: San Diego Crew Classic

The Board of Directors of the San Diego Crew Classic Inc.® takes pleasure in inviting rowers from around the world to come to picturesque Mission Bay to compete in the 41st San Diego Crew Classic, Saturday and Sunday, April 5 & 6, 2014.

From its modest beginnings nearly four decades ago, the San Diego Crew Classic has matured into the largest regatta in the world held for primarily eight-oared rowing shells. The regatta provides a venue for high school junior programs, collegiate teams, masters’ clubs, and even Olympic-level competition. San Diegans can be proud of the strong influence the regatta has had nationally on the sport of rowing.

When: Apr 5 to Apr 6, 2014

Cost: $12 – $15

Where: Crown Point, San Diego, CA

More info: www.crewclassic.org

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