San Diego real estate market – homes sales 2013

Is it more important to have a great company or a great agent representing you in selling or buying? Consider carefully since a home is most likely the biggest asset you have!

I will personally answer that it’s like baking a cake: the agent is the cake, and the company they work for is the frosting!

The agent is the most important part of your decision and the company that they represent may tip the scales, helping you achieve your goal!

Experience is Golden and Service is Mandatory! The question to ask is: “Will I be in contact from day one with the head of the group, or will I be dealing with assistants?” If the answer is assistants, then your gut feeling is right and the advertisement that sold you on the company is just a mirage. The company that represents the agent takes precedent because the best company will not allow mediocrity! Choose wisely…

East San Diego county market shares - total sales

East San Diego county market shares
Total company sales for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties

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