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Buying or selling your home during the holidays

front door ChristmasBuying your home or selling it can be a huge project to tackle any time of the year, and adding that project to the busyness of the holiday season can make life even more hectic. But according to U-T San Diego, it just might be something you should contemplate doing. 

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Selling or Buying a Home During the Holidays

The yearly hustle and bustle for the holidays is upon us: planning Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s parties and family gatherings while working at your job can be stressful. However, if you’re looking for a property to buy, or selling a property, it can actually be the best time of the year right now! You say, this guy is crazy, and he is going to have to recommend a good doctor to help me cope with all of this!

Well, wait a minute. An experienced Real Estate Agent is all you need! :)

selling your home during the holidaysThis time of year, selling your home is the best time to do so, because most people are putting their home-selling plans on hold because of the holidays and wanting to not have to keep a house clean or deal with people coming over nonstop. A house decorated for the holidays will bring even more value because it will look so warm and festive. That being said, with money being the driving factor to ALL sales, wouldn’t it make sense to sell then? If you’re not a good decorator for Christmas, your favorite Real Estate Agent¬† :) can help get that done.

Buying a home this time of year can also be extremely rewarding because of most buyers saying they will wait ’til after the first of the year to start up again because of low inventory and being too busy with holiday stuff as mentioned before. Wow, imagine walking in a home and no one is looking at it because they are all too busy–and then nailing a good price! VERY POSSIBLE, people!!

Now you ALL have no excuses and I look forward to hearing from you!

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