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Looking a Lot Like a Real Estate Boom

DataQuick, who monitors real estate activity and provides information to consumers, educational institutions, public agencies, lending institutions, title companies, and industry analysts published this report yesterday (4/17/13) for Southern California.

San Diego real estate boom

It is amazing that San Diego and Los Angeles real estate markets have parity in values even though the total sales are almost cut in half in San Diego versus the metropolis of Los Angeles County. When the last real estate boom hit in early to mid 2000’s, Los Angeles held a commanding lead in values for most of those years. What does this mean in the big picture is that San Diego has crossed the line of being a truly desirable place to live and a city where value far surpasses the investment. Economy wise, San Diego is showing signs of competing with the big boys even in the tech industry especially after the governor of Texas made personal invitations to many of the top flight companies here and word has it that there are few to no takers.

Now the bottom line is that with tax season over and the Real Estate market year about to hit high gear, you are reading this and on the fence still about your future? I would say, take your pulse because you made need to call 911, but before you do, CALL ME!!!!

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PS. In light of the fact of recent disasters via bombs, my prayers and condolences go out to all affected and may God bless America. The term “boom” is simply a metaphor and is not meant to offend anyone.

For more information on the article from DataQuick, please go here.