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Must Read if You’re Now Thinking About Selling Your House

This quick read from House Logic has 4 major points when making the decision to sell your home or rental. Read it here:www.houselogic.com/sell/how-much-is-my-home-worth

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How to pick paint colors

paintPaint is one of the easiest mediums to use to transform your home.

It’s cheap, anyone can do it, and there’s such a variety of colors/details/textures that you can add with a can of paint! It’s almost like it completely remodels your home.

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Child-Proof Your Kitchen

child proofYour busy kitchen can be the most accident-prone place in the house. House Logic has an article on how to child-proof your kitchen, starting with the most essential and simplest steps.

House Logic’s tips include: getting rid of problem items, putting hazardous items out of reach, locking things up, and changing your habits to keep your kids safe.

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