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Money Monday: First-time landlord tips

Renting out your home or another property can be nerve-wracking.

There’s a great article from Yahoo Finance on how to go about being a landlord. Here’s a handful of their tips, but click over to their article for all of the tips and details.

  • Make rent collection a priority.
  • Purchase and require insurance.
  • Screen all potential tenants.

2016 Laws for Homeowners & Renters

Some new laws to note for 2016

hand house keyMold(SB 655)
Mold must be cleared from any rentals or criminal penalties could be filed against the landlord. A health department official must visit the property and declare it unfit to qualify for filing court charges against the landlord. Law also says the tenant could be liable if was their fault due to inappropriate housekeeping practices.

Clotheslines(AB 1448)
Landlords and homeowner associations must allow renters or residents to put up a line or rack to dry their clothes. They can not attach it to the building without the Home Owner association or landlord’s permission.

Pesticides(SB 328)
Landlords must tell residents 24 hrs before application, what pest is being sprayed, what kind is being used, and alert to warnings about the toxicity of the product.

Fake Grass(AB 349)
Home Owner Association Guidelines are no superseded to allow homeowners to put in artificial turf, rocks, or something else that doesn’t need as much water, like cacti.

Will rental rates go up?

for rentAccording to an article by U-T San Diego, more landlords in San Diego county are considering or actively raising rents on their tenants. This is in response to a better economy overall.

A decade ago, the annual rental rate growth was 6% — but it is currently only 2%, with the raising competition from the for-sale housing market cited as the reason for this slower rate increase.

It’s much easier for potential homebuyers to ease their way into the national and San Diego real estate market because of the low mortgage rates and rising real estate prices. Perhaps it’s time for you to also consider buying a home? Give me a call today and let me assist you in your home search!

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