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How to Decide on Paint Colors

What’s in a color?

Paint isn’t just paint; it affects the mood and feeling of the home and room you’re painting. Deciding on the proper color is important, whether staging your home to sell or just giving it a refresher.

what's in a color car.org

This infographic is from CAR.org.

Interior Painting 101

paintHave you recently walked through your living room and felt that something just does not look right?

You realize that the problem is not your furniture or decor and you wonder what could be wrong. Then you look at the walls. The bright orange paint that appealed to you 15 years ago has finally begun to lose its charm. Or perhaps the color is perfect; however you have recently begun to notices chips, cracks, and even fading of the paint.

Depending on the level of your discontent you will make one of two choices: replace it with a new coat of paint or live with it. If you do decide to replace it, here are a couple tips to get you started: Continue reading