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Loan Modifications: Are they really working? LOOK NO FURTHER SoCal!

People here in Riverside, San Bernardino & San Diego County, California and elsewhere are still trying to do modifications and are looking for help in order to keep their home.

loan modificationsWhere do you go? Calling the servicer who holds your Mortgage is a start, but what do you say? Saying the wrong thing or going through the process without getting counseling beforehand will most likely make the task extremely daunting, let alone cause you to fail and not keep your home. Calling one of the many solicitations you get in the mail, on television, or the internet that says they will help you can also be a mistake for fear of being swindled out of $1000’s, even by an attorney no less, who supposedly has a track record of many, many successes?

Calling a non-profit organization that is free is definitely a better way to start, however if some charge a fee, they are not a nonprofit and this will leave you with that feeling of oh-oh, I got swindled again, I am just going to give up!!

I suggest you talk to someone who has personally gone through the process successfully, who is a licensed real estate agent, and will not charge anything for the advice. I know you’re asking “why would anyone want to spend time with me unless they are making a fee?”  Or you say “I prefer to pay a fee or work with this or that company because they helped someone I know”…but they didn’t get the ultimate results (which I will talk about later). Or, what if you go talk to an agent who says he has experience, but really doesn’t–or what if they really want to just get the listing and sell your home as a short sale?

Whoa, what if you knew someone who would and did go through the process successfully, is a licensed real estate agent and doesn’t charge anything, then explains the reason why they wouldn’t charge you anything was because they will base their results on future business from you for having succeeded with you as the basis to forge a lifelong relationship with you as your real estate agent for life? What if I told you that I personally had over $120,000 in loans on my property forgiven and received an interest rate on my property of 2% with incentive money from the government to pay down my principle that was left on the existing mortgage on a monthly basis?

For those of you who live outside of Southern California, I suggest call me for personal direction. For those of you out there in process or starting a modification in Riverside, San Bernardino, & San Diego County, CA, I urge you to call me faster than your fingers can dial!! Thanks for reading and God Bless!

John A Silva (R)


La Mesa condo for sale

Fabulous Buy: steps to Lake Murray: hiking, biking, fishing; condo complex has large array of amenities: tennis, hand ball, volley ball, pool/hot tub, more. Perfect retirement or college student OASIS. View of pool from unit. Handicap friendly access. Moderate Cosmetic fixer; short sale. Further information available here.

Contact me for more details! (619) 890-3648 or by email.


6 tips for first-time homebuyers

Lily Leung, from U~T San Diego had some great tips for first-time homebuyers in her article “6 tips for first-time homebuyers”. Read part of it here, then skip over to SignonSanDiego.com for the rest of the article:

“Here are a few pointers I picked up at a first-time homebuyers workshop hosted by the San Diego Association of Realtors, or SDAR, over the weekend:

1) Consider hiring a real estate agent. Interview several candidates and make sure to ask them lots of questions. You’ll be sharing personal and financial details with your chosen Realtor, so make sure you choose someone you’re “very, very comfortable with,” said SDAR vice president Leslie Kilpatrick.

2) Don’t just take their word for it. Ask real estate agents for their resumes. Google them and nail down their web presence. And most importantly, find out if they’ve ever been disciplined. You can do a simple name search on the Department of Real Estate’s website…”

Are you thinking of buying a home yourself? Please, put me to the test–give me a call to interview me; I would appreciate the opportunity to earn the privilege to find a home for you and to represent you.Contact me today: (619) 890-3648

– John A Silva

San Diego Home Prices are at 4-year High

Local home prices in San Diego are at the highest level in four years!

“It was the busiest month for San Diego County homebuying since 2006, while home prices continue to hold at four-year highs, Thursday’s DataQuick report shows.

The county in August recorded 3,981 residential sales, the highest level since 4,533 sold in June 2006. Sales in Southern California hit the same milestone, driven by near-record activity among investors and cash buyers as well as as low mortgage rates, DataQuick analysts say.”

San Diego real estate housing market prices

Read more here! This article can be read further here: “San Diego home sales hit 6-year high”. Read more on SignOnSanDiego.com.

Get Moving!

Get Moving: July 4, 2012 has Fireworks in Real Estate?

The latest news as we head past the mid point of 2012 in real estate locally in San Diego shows increases in values, currently pushing the validation of the second quarter statistics even further forward as we settle into the hottest selling season of the year. Interest rates are at historical lows below 4% fixed-rate for a 30-year mortgage, so if you are thinking of buying but are still on the fence, GET MOVING! And if you are wondering if it is time to explore moving up or scaling back from your current space, let me repeat myself–GET MOVING!

Every real estate transaction, whether on the buying side or the selling side, is unique as far as the situation. Because of that, your experienced real estate agent or broker should assist you, as the client, in the appropriate direction. If there is any hesitation of what the best course of action is, it may be time to interview another agent. If this is the case, I would like to interview for the job of being your agent now.

My latest experience involved me selling a rehab home for the out-of-state owners, who owned it free and clear. I was able to reap, I am proud to say, the highest value for the zip code! This, on top of the fact that the comparable properties had depressed values and the neighbors were skeptical, but who are now thrilled because I just raised their value considerably. The market is on the way up, thus making it the perfect scenario for you as a buyer or seller to GET MOVING!

For two other clients of mine that I am in the process of helping buy homes; one listed to me, accepted my advice, and is under contract–while the other wanted to veer away from my recommendations and, sad to say, they are not happy because they did not get the property. It is not all about price, it is the big picture; including: getting repairs done and even new appliances put in the property–but I will get you the best shot at the best results! In obviously over-priced homes, there again is nothing to worry about, because I know how to weave through that. All situations are different when buying or selling; however, when you have an agent who has over 20-years of full-time experience in this industry, then your odds of winning always go way up. Wouldn’t it be in your best interest to HIRE the BEST of the BEST?

NOW is the time to GET MOVING and make sure your back is covered!! I am available now; you can search current properties on my website: www.JohnSilva.com–and give me a call to schedule some showings!

In closing, my sincerest wishes for a safe, blessed and happy 4th of July to you and yours, and especially thanks for our forefathers whose example we continue to emulate with the True Heritage of this great nation called America, lest of all we best not forget our military–past, present, and future who contribute in sacrificing their body, spirit and ultimately their lives for US ALL! God bless!

GOOD NEWS or Is This a Dream?

GOOD NEWS or Is This a Dream

Home prices are showing signs of going up in San Diego and the rest of the nation according to S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Index (read the index here).

Yes, don’t blink–it is happening. According to the monthly index, San Diego has seen increases for the 3rd straight month, and my prediction is that this trend will continue shattering any inclination of declining values. The trend should continue, given that the inventory remains at 2-3 month levels to sell a home, verses the 6+ month levels of a year plus ago.

Interest rates are still OUTSTANDING — hovering at the 4% and under area, with no indications of raising rates by the Fed for the next 1-1 1/2 years coming up. What are you waiting for? If you are biding your time after a short sale or foreclosure you experienced in recent years, don’t fret–you will be fine! Call me NOW to get advice and your credit in line, on what steps to take in order to come out of the gate sprinting when you are ready.

For sellers looking to scale-down or upgrade to a larger home, NOW is also the time to GO! I have just closed a property that I personally spearheaded to reap above market value sales price that shattered the area it was located in for an ecstatic seller and neighbors! As an experienced agent for over 20 years now, I know you all know that there is no price you can put on experience when you are talking about one of the biggest assets you and most people have in their portfolio towards their retirement. CALL me now!

For sellers who are still upside-down and want to still try to keep you home, go here NOW: www.NationalMortgagesSettlement.com. There’s no more time to waste, CALL ME–I can help guide you as I have helped sevreal homeowners with this predicament. On the other side of the coin, the LAWS PROTECTING YOU ARE EXPIRING and you may be wasting an opportunity to start over again with interest rates remaining low and the market values slowly edging up in the next several years.

While here are other real estate people that you can call: friends, family or TV advertising people who talk a good game, there is no better source for information or service from an agent with proven results that I have established and continue to produce. You are guaranteed to have me personally there the whole way, while the guys on local television cannot guarantee that, therefore promising positive results!

I am honored and grateful to serve you in any capacity you may need. God bless!

– John A Silva | (619) 890-3648 | Email me