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Money Monday: How to buy your first home

Ready to move on from renting? Here’s some tips on buying your first home.

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1. Get your money in order

This might be the largest purchase you make, which makes sorting out your money a top priority!

2. Shop at more than one place for your mortgage

You don’t have to stick with the first place you go for a loan; check out other lenders.

3. Shop for your home

Part of shopping for a home means considering enlisting the help of a real estate agent; I would be honored to have the opportunity to earn the position. Give me a call to see how I can help you in your house search!

Delve into each deeper in CNN’s article here: “How to Buy Your First Home.”

Money Monday: Homebuying myths you need to avoid

Don’t fall for these 6 homebuying myths

home buying

“Buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions you will make, and you’ll likely need to do a lot of planning and research before you take the leap. But don’t get snagged by misconceptions. Mortgage expert Tim Manni busts these six common real estate myths to help you find — and afford — your first home.”

  1. Your credit score is “good enough” to buy a home
  2. Loan pre-approval determines your price range
  3. Your home purchase is non-negotiable

Read the three other homebuying myths here, on Yahoo’s personal finance page: “Don’t fall for these 6 homebuying myths.”


Money Monday: Don’t make these homebuying mistakes

When venturing into shopping and buying a home, avoid some common mistakes:

home buyer regrets

  1. Interviewing only one lender
  2. Not getting pre-approved right away
  3. Maxing out your mortgage limit
  4. Letting your dreams and emotions dictate which house you purchase
  5. Waiving contingencies without understanding just what that means

More tips for homebuyers are available in CNN’s article here: “7 first-time homebuyer mistakes to avoid”.

Buyers’ Remorse

If you’re considering becoming a homeowner, take the time to fully prepare and educate yourself. Buyers’ remorse is nothing to scoff at!

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Is it Love or a Crush? How Homebuyers Find “The One”

Have you had a house crush before? How did you know whether or not that home was “the one”?

It’s imperative to have a list of must-haves and deal breakers when shopping for a home. The California Association of Realtors (CAR) surveyed home buyers on Realtor.com to find out what house attributes are crucial and which were must-not-haves for the average real estate buyer.

How to evaluate homebuyer crushes

While both men and women agreed that the outdoor living spaces were of the highest priority (46% and 54%, respectively) and curb appeal was third on the list for both genders (29% for women and 35% for men), they were split on other important house factors.

42 percent of women ranked open floor plans as a must-have, with updated appliances and fixtures falling in as necessary attribute number four for 29% of women. Men, on the other hand, found garages to be secondly important to outdoor living areas, with 40% putting where they parked their cars on the top of their house must-haves list. Open floor plans rounded out men’s lists, with 30% wanting them in their future home. (This infographic/information is from CAR.org)

What do you have on your home must-have list? Any of the above, or something else? Please share below!


Five real estate tasks best done early

While I’m a big proponent of avoiding premature real estate moves, there are a number of tasks that are best done before you think they need to be. These are things that tend to take longer or often turn out to be more complex than people plan for.

Please, give me a call if I can help you in your home shopping process in any way! (619) 890-3648

1. Check your credit. Everyone knows that you should check your credit, or have your mortgage broker do it, some time before you get ready to start house hunting. What people fail to factor in are the real-life turnaround times on rehabbing your credit in the event there are errors, fraudulent entries, balances you need to bring down, or trade lines (credit accounts) you need to build up in order to qualify for a home loan.

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The State of Real Estate

Prudential Real Estate Outlook Survey: Home Ownership Is Increasingly Important to Younger Americans

Prudential Real Estate Outlook Survey Infographic-final-large-web

Read about the report:

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