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Money Monday: New Year, New Financial Resolutions

It’s the start of 2018, and a great time to make financial resolutions!

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Money Monday: Holiday Spending

Holiday Spending: 5 Ways To Reduce Financial Stress

  1. Discuss what the holidays mean to you and your family. Talk about your values and consider alternatives to unbridled spending.
  2. When you are dealing with extended families, set reasonable, manageable, and realistic boundaries.
  3. Instead of making the holidays a time where breaking the bank becomes the norm, make it a time to do meaningful activities that don’t revolve around spending unnecessary dollars.
  4. Create your holiday budget in January. Then you can divide the amount by twelve months and begin to set it aside monthly.
  5. Focus on celebrating what is most important to you and your family — not on the financial aspect.

This tips are from Forbes. Read more on this advice from Forbes here: “Holiday Spending: 5 Ways To Reduce Financial Stress.”