The Path to Buying a Home

The basic process on becoming a homeowner

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While buying a home is, for most people, an important life goal; the path to owning a home is an unknown one for every first-time home-buyer. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Following are a few of the basics you should consider early in the home search/buying process–but be sure to check with your agent for more tips and advice on buying a home. (Don’t have an agent? Please give me, John A Silva, a call at (619) 890-3648 and let me help you through this process!)

  1. Do pre-home search prep:
    • figuring out how much you can afford
    • getting pre-approved for a loan, and
  2. Start the home search:
    • find a real estate agent (give me, John A Silva, a call to see how I can help!)
    • view listings online and in-person
    • research neighborhoods (what’s important to you — schools? Walkability? Let me help!), and
    • talk to neighbors once you’ve found a potential living
  3. Make an offer:
    • have your agent research any liens and unpaid property taxes about the home before making an offer
    • figure out your offer price
    • determine your contingencies, and
    • finally make your purchase offer
  4. Your offer was accepted!:
    • hire a home inspector
    • get the home appraised
    • review and sign required transaction paperwork
    • make purchase funds available
    • complete final verification of property condition, and
    • sign closing and mortgage documents
  5. Congrats on your home!

Contact John Silva or your real estate agent for more information and advice on the home buying process!

Road to ownershipInformation and infographic from Market Leader.

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