Tips for Trimming Remodeling Costs

fixer upperWhen it comes to home improvement it is easy to think big. As you look into your yard you can already envision the perfectly manicured lawn, breathtaking landscaping, renovated patio area, and a new outside BBQ area. However, when you look at the budget you have to work with your vision starts to slowly fade away and you begin to concentrate on more realistic goals.

How is it possibly for you to create that dream home on a tight budget? In many cases you are going to need to make some small sacrifices in square footage, quality, and special features. The following tips should provide you with plenty of ideas on how you keep your home improvement budget on track without compromising results:

Prioritize your needs. Determine what features are critical and which features you are willing to compromise on. Can you settle for vinyl flooring if it means you get a higher grade of cabinets? Once your priorities have been set, you can research less costly options on those features you are willing to compromise on.

Avoid costly construction tasks. If possible, don’t move bearing walls, alter a roofline, restructure a floor, install new windows, or make involved changes to plumbing and electrical. Save money by working within the existing exterior walls and roof. Plan bathrooms and kitchens where they can share major drains, vents, and supply pipes.

Use moderately priced materials. The most costly building material and fixtures is not always the best option when you are working on a budget. For example, if stock cabinets can achieve the same effect as custom ones, why pay the premium?

Pay attention to highly visible work. This is the part of the renovation that everyone is going to immediately notice so make sure you do not cut any corners.

One last thing that you will want to remember is that home improvement projects do not always pay off in the end. There are numerous cases of homeowners over-developing their home for the market that they live in and thus not recouping their investments in the home.

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