Top 10 Overlooked Homebuyer Questions

What to ask when buying a home

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However, there’s a few questions that should be asked of the seller/seller’s agent — as a homebuyer, you always want to be informed! Some of the main things to consider:

  • Pay attention to what’s disclosed by the seller in the Seller Property Questionnaire (SPQ) form, Transfer Disclosure Statement (TDS) and more. There may be flaws that aren’t obvious. 
  • Why is the homeowner putting his or her house up for sale? 
  • What is the neighborhood like? What’s the crime rate, busyness and noise, and fellow neighbors like?

top ten overlooked buyer questions

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John A Silva

John Silva has over 21 years experience in residential real estate. He is a San Diego native, specializing in helping sellers & buyers, with extra experience in: modifications, short sales, and negotiation.
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