Multi-Generational Households are at a Record High

A record high of 57 million Americans live in multi-generational households

homeAs reported by the Wall Street Journal, an analysis of Census data by the Pew Research Center shows that 18.1 percent of the American population (that’s 57 million residents) live in multi-generational homes.

According to the article, this trend was encouraged by the recession — and it seems that this trend will only increase.  Continue reading

Event: Pacific Beach Summer Concerts

2014 Pacific Beach: Concerts on the Green

Pacific Beach concertsFor the twelfth season, Pacific Beach holds their Concerts on the Green series. Tomorrow afternoon, the Jackstones take the stage for the kick-off concert of the summer. More information here.

When: Sundays, Jul. 20 through Aug. 10, 4 – 6:30 pm

Cost: Free

Where: Kate Sessions Park, Pacific Beach (Lamont Street just north of Beryl Street)

Lawn Maintenance Tips

It’s going to be a long and hot summer. The scorching heat, though appreciated by sunbathers, can be murder to our lawns and gardens. A little early prevention is the best way to ensure that your lawn remains free of brown patches, insects, disease, and weeds.

In order to avoid a desiccated lawn, start tending your lawn early in the growing season. A strong and healthy lawn is the best way to ward off weeds, insects, and diseases. Continue reading

What are Loan Points?

mortgage rates and property taxesWhen shopping for a mortgage rate, it is necessary to pay attention to the details. Loan points are often overlooked as buyers are fixated on getting the lowest interest rate; however they are an important point to consider when picking your mortgage.

Loan points are Continue reading

Event: La Mesa concert series

La Mesa’s “Sundays at Six” Summer Concert Series holds another concert this weekend.

The free, family-friendly concert series in La Mesa continues this month in July with this Sunday’s event: Pine Creek Posse, bring country music to this part of San Diego County. As its name suggests, the concert will be held this Sunday, July 13 at 6pm — check it out for some good family fun!

When: Sunday, July 13 | 6pm – 7pm

Where: Harry Griffen Park | 9550 Milden Street, La Mesa, CA

Cost: Free!

More information: Check out the City of La Mesa’s Sundays at Six flyer here.


Summer-Friendly Landscape Ideas

While lush, green turf grass covers nearly 47 million acres in the United States, all that green requires homeowners to hand over “green” for upkeep.

backyard 2Most yards are covered with non-native grass species that need mowing, weed killing, fertilizing, and watering. In fact, the average American household uses 60 gallons of water a day on watering (which, since California has a new water conservation law coming into affect, we need to consider reducing that amount). So, ditch the thirsty green for these easy yard alternatives Continue reading

Events for the Fourth of July!

Happy Independence Day from your local San Diego Realtor!

If you’re in San Diego county, there’s quite a few family activities to choose from today; check out San Diego Magazine’s comprehensive list of events for San Diego county. But if you’re looking for where to go for fireworks, then Continue reading

Pre-Happy Independence Day 2014! A San Diego Real Estate Lawsuit has been settled

A San Diego Real Estate Lawsuit has been settled

buyers and sellers real estate disclosuresThis very interesting case is a mixed bag of “he said, she said” accusations and statements. All in all, when selling your home it always pays to DISCLOSE EVERYTHING  of past and present conditions, whether “latent” or “evident” and when buying a home, have thorough inspections while reviewing all paperwork from seller carefully.

In this specific case, the buyer sues the seller and agents for negligence and failure to disclose, withdraws suit to seller and buyer agent and keeps statutory failure to tell seller of defects in home since agent was selling same home for 2nd time after current seller bought home. Agent is awarded sanctions or damages for attorney fees in counter suit against buyer for incorrect lawsuit since the disclosures were provided to buyer by agent.

The following article was provided by California Association of Realtors, Real Legal Department. Continue reading