Money Monday: Saving for retirement

“Far too many people make bad choices when it comes to retirement. It’s the equivalent of choosing candy bars over the solid meal… “How can we make better decisions for retirement planning? One principle is the knowledge that increasing saving over time will build a bigger nest egg. Here are three key moves that can […]

Money Monday: Hacks to save more money

Saving is the first step to building wealth. We all know saving money is important, yet many of us struggle to make consistent progress. Forbes has nine hacks to help you save more, here on their article: “9 Hacks to Help You Save More Money”. Here’s a couple of them: Establish clear goals Take small […]

Money Monday: Saving for major expenses

Here’s a quick estimate on how much you should save per major expense. “With interest rates going up, the cost of borrowing money to pay for major life expenses is also going up. The Federal Reserve has already raised the interest rate three times this year and will most likely raise rates again before the […]

Money Monday: How to save more for retirement

Many of us, when faced with that reality, struggle with how we could possibly save more. Following are some thoughts from Forbes on how you can meaningfully begin saving more today for your retirement. 1. Increase your 401(k) contribution percentage whenever you get a raise 2. Capture all the employer match Read Forbes’ other five […]

Money Monday: Saving enough for a house down payment

“Saving up a down payment to buy your first house can seem a pretty daunting task.¬†However, getting a down payment together is not as difficult as you may think — if you go about it the right way.” There are a few steps you need to consider, from CNN: How much house can you afford? […]

Money Monday: Easy ways to save money

“While accumulating a large chunk of cash isn’t likely to happen overnight, if you start small, you can gradually build your savings so that you have a financial safety net in place. With that goal in mind, here are 10 ways you can save $300 a month — without having to make yourself utterly miserable […]

Money Monday: Americans are saving a little more

A bit of good news: more Americans are saving. “The percentage of people who have adequate savings to cover six months of expenses — a six-month-stash — has jumped to 31%, according to a new study from That’s up from 28% last year and 22% in 2015. “Not everyone is there yet: a quarter […]